8 Week Challenge


Okay everyone, time to start the 8 week challenge!  Here's is what it looks like:

Day 1 (10/1): 

1. Body fat % / Before picture-  We have options here.  You can get your body fat tested, take a before picture, both or neither.

2. Pick a method for fueling your body.  Pick one that you think you can reasonably stick to.

3. Pick a skill you want to get better at.  We aren't going to measure you in here per say, but it will give you a focus as far as skill is concerned over the next 8 weeks.

4. 1 min max reps sit ups

5. 1 min max reps push ups

6. 3 rep max on lift of choice-  Pick any lift you'd like here.  Well, Jeff, maybe curls isn't the best choice...

 Day 2: (10/2)


1000m Row

50 Thrusters

30 Pull Ups

Big News!

Conrad, Christina and I would like to introduce the newest co-owner of CrossFit Eaton, Steph Cook!  As you all know, Steph has been training for us for a number of years now and is 100% committed to making our gym and each one of our members the best we can be.  She's been a vital part of our growth here and we expect that with her as a co-owner, we will only continue to get better!

As a gym, we are thriving more now than we ever have.  We thank the Good Lord for that and want you guys to know how grateful we are that you're here.  We have an amazing community here at CFE and you, the members, make this gym what it is!

Ok, enough of the nicey, nicey and onto Monday's WOD:


Back Squat 1RM

Press 1RM

Deadlift 1RM **If you did this on Thursday, you don't need to do it again today.