11/10/2018 In Teams of Four!

In groups of 4

AMRAP 20:00

Person 1- Row 12/8 calories

Person 2- Dumbbell shoulder press (35lbs/25lbs)

Person 3- Barbell jumping lunges (45lbs/35lbs)

Person 4- Knees to elbows

*The group rotates when the person rowing finishes the 12/8 calories. The score is the total number of reps accumulated including the calories on the rower.


This is intended to be a light loaded workout where the athlete can keep relatively consistent numbers on each round. Athletes should strive to hit at least 10-15 reps on each movement.




AMRAP 11:00

5 Deadlift (315lbs/205lbs)

18 Wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs, 10/9ft)

17 Burpees, over bar

*Lateral or facing


A good goal is 4+ rounds of this workout. The deadlifts are heavy but should be able to be complete unbroken on most rounds, decrease loading if that is not possible. The wall balls should also be attempted to be completed unbroken, choose a lighter load today to achieve this. The burpees can be completed laterally or bar facing over the bar and the athlete should strive for consistency in reps.



6 Rounds for time:

2 Rope climbs (15 feet)

12 Front squats (115lbs/75lbs)

200 meter Run


This workout should be relatively fast-paced through the duration. The rope climbs are intended to be 1:00 or less and the front squats should be unbroken each round. The athlete may be limited mentally with how hard they want to push the pace. Faster athletes could be done in the 12-15:00 range.