How’s the first week of the 30-day challenge going? Stay strong!!!!

How’s the first week of the 30-day challenge going? Stay strong!!!!

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Skill: Bar muscle ups, sandbag cleans

WOD: 7 Rounds for time

Run 200 meters

6 Bar muscle ups

6 sand bag cleans (150/100lbs)

Intended Stimulus: This is a skill intensive workout that is intended for the athlete to move quickly during each movement as well as transition fast between movements. Modify the bar muscle ups so that no round takes longer than 1:30 and use a load on the sandbags that allows for consistent singles.


 Bridgette pulling some weight!

Bridgette pulling some weight!


WOD: NOT for time

5 Rounds

Ring dips (max reps)

1:00 Rest

50-ft Double kettlebell front rack walking lunges

1:00 Rest

100-ft Backwards sled drag

1:00 Rest

*Go to failure on the ring dips. If you do more than 15 reps, add load. If you get less than 5 reps, add a band to assist for at least 10 reps on the following rounds.


 Typical 5:30am class…everyone working hard with Todd standing around. :)

Typical 5:30am class…everyone working hard with Todd standing around. :)

WOD: For time

21-15-9 Deficit handstand push-up (4/3")

*100-ft Kettlebell farmers carry after each round (70lbs/53lbs)

At the 12:00 mark:

For time: 15-12-9 Weighted pull-up (45lbs/35lbs)

*100 Double unders after each round

*Score is total time without rest.

Intended Stimulus: This is a dual part workout with challenging demands on traditional gymnastics elements. Attempt to complete each workout in under 10:00. Ensure athletes choose a handstand push-up option they can complete 5-7 reps unbroken. Look to use a load or variation of the pull-up that allows for about 5 reps to be completed.


Did you sign up for the Thanks4Giving 5k race? If not, scroll down for the info and get signed up! Our very own Clary family founded this local race and they give 100% of all the proceeds to families in our community that are in need.



Weigh-ins today before your class. Clean up those diets and let’s get to sweatin’! Prizes awarded to the biggest losers!

Strength: E3MOM for 5 Sets

1 Hang squat clean + 1 squat clean

*The first set should be challenging but allow for a build up for at least the first 3 sets. All sets should be at roughly 80%+.

*Perform a set every 3:00. The athlete may drop the bar after the hang squat clean, before performing the full squat clean. The bar should not be on the ground for more than 0:05.


10 Burpees lateral over bar

10 Squat cleans (95lbs/65lbs)

*Light, fast, and dirty today. Push the pace!