Battle of the Classes Week 1 Results: 

So far the Early Birds are in the lead! They had a combined attendance rate of 69.0%. Team ParentTrap isn't far behind them with a 61.1%, then the Old Farts with 51.8% and the MisFits are bringing up the rear with 42.4%. We had 2 people that had 100% attendance this week: Randy and Jennifer! Keep it up teams! 


Row 4x500

*The first effort should be a sprint.  Stay within 10-15 seconds of that effort for the remaining sets.

Accessory work:

3 Rounds NOT for time:

12 Bent Over DB Rows

24 Band Pull Aparts

30 Second Upper Back Roll


This is horizontal pulling accessory work.  Focus on quality of movement.  Use loads on the dumbells that allow for 12 reps to be done unbroken with 1-2 reps left in the tank.


Skill:  DB Work

WOD:  Partner Workout

As a team of 2, complete the following for time:

100 DB Push Press (50/35/ea), while partner holds a handstand against the wall

75 DB Squat Cleans (50/35/ea), while partner holds a wall squat at parallel

50-50-40-40-30-30-20-20-10-10 Double Unders, while partner holds a ring support

*Partners may switch as needed for the first 2 exercises and partners must alternate sets of double unders.  Reps may not be accumulated if static hold is not held. 

**All reps completed before moving onto the next exercise

***20 Miniute Cap


A benefit to static holds is their remarkable ability to increase your muscular strength.  This workout affords that opportunity while stressing stamina. 


Don't forget to sign up for the Burpee Challenge to help our vets.  Check out the following this link for more info!


If it doesn't load, please just cut and paste into your browser.

WOD:  Pick 1 or 2 Options

Option 1- Make up a missed workout from this week


Option 2- Skill Day:  Pick any movement you want and work on technique


Option 3- 4 Rounds:

Run 200m

100' Single Arm Farmer Walk (Right) (70kb/53kb)

100' Single Arm Front Rack Walk (Right)

100' Single Arm Farmer Walk (Left)

100' Single Arm Front Rack Walk (Left) 

60 Double Unders


Option 4- 30 Min easy bike, row, run or combo


Option 5- Flexibiity Routine