Hey YOU!  Have you signed up for the Eaton Games? Sign up on the white board!  Have you signed up for the CrossFit OPEN? Click the link to join the fun! If you plan to participate, we'd love your help as a registered judge. 


WOD Part 1

Every 3 minutes for 5 sets:

3 Front Squats


The goal is to build quickly to a heavy but not maximal set for 3 reps. The first set should be relatively light and allow for some big jumps to the final set.

WOD Part 2

EMOM 5 minutes:

7 Thrusters (95lbs/65lbs)

7 Box Jump Over (24"/20") I


Focus on fast cycle rates and speed of movement. No interval should last longer than 50 seconds.




The CrossFIt OPEN is upon us!  This year we will be holding OPEN WODs on Friday night at the 5:15 class, and Sundays at 2pm starting Friday the 23rd.! Please be respectful of the 4pm yoga class and do not plan to arrive prior to 5pm. There will be ample time to warm up!

Don't forget the pot luck following first OPEN workout on the 23rd! Battle of the classes winners (530am) need not contribute!

And the 2018 "Eaton Games" are back!! It's a simple and fun way to come in and enjoy a workout with your CFE community. All you have to do is sign up on the small white board at the gym this week and we will randomly assemble 3 teams. The rules are simple, each week you can earn up to 3 points for your team. 1 point for doing the workout. (scaled or RX), 1 point for judging. (you do not have to be a certified judge) And point #3, come cheer on your team mates! Nothing helps you through those tough workouts like your friends pushing you to finish that one last rep! Simple as that!

So sign up on the small white board and we will get teams out Thursday!



Power clean!


Every 2 minutes for 7 sets:

2 Power Cleans

INTENDED STIMULUS The first 2-3 sets can be on the lighter side and should not provide much of a challenge. Loads should be difficult for the last 2-3 sets. The intent is not necessarily to build to max loads but athletes can do so if technique is sound and motivation is high. The goal is to have no failed reps. SCALING OPTIONS None. If the first pull causes a significant deviation from proper mechanics perform the power cleans from the hang position.


AMRAP 7 minutes 15 Dumbbell Snatch (50/35) 30 Double Unders

INTENDED STIMULUS The load should be light and allow the athletes to move quickly. No less than 4 rounds should be performed.

Cool Down

25 Banded Good Mornings 60 second Upper Back Roll


The Open is comprised of five workouts over five weeks, and it starts with 18.1. Open workouts are identified by their year and the order in which they appear. The workouts will be released every Thursday during the five weeks of the Open, and you can watch the live announcement of the workout that will be streamed on the CrossFit Games website.

The announcement will take place at a different location each week, and two athletes (or more) will perform the workout live. After the workout is released, any athlete who has registered for the Open will have until 5 p.m. PT on the following Monday to submit their best score online.


The Open is the first qualifying stage of the CrossFit Games. Any athlete who wants to compete at the Games must first make it through the Open in their region.

While the purpose of the Open is to find the fittest athletes in each region to move on to the regionals, it’s also an opportunity for any athlete at any level to participate in the competition. It can add meaning and purpose to your training while also bringing your gym’s community closer together. (As a rule of thumb, the Open is the time of year where we see many people achieve important firsts: bodyweight snatch, muscle-ups, toes-to-bars, handstand push-ups, double-unders, etc.)

Most importantly, the Open will also give you some interesting data on your performance in the gym, which can be a guide for setting realistic goals for the following year.


Only a very small percentage of athletes will make it to regionals, let alone the Games. While I can understand the sentiment of “Why bother?” I really encourage you to think about participating because you will be part of a very big international event that represents your affiliate. Every affiliate in the world can take part in the Open, which is amazing, and we don’t want you all to miss out on the fun!

Affiliate owners can use their members’ performance data to determine how and why the programming should change for the coming year. For instance, if the majority of the gym can’t do chest-to-bar pull-ups relative to every other gym in the region, then the trainers can work on bringing up that skill in the gym’s population.

It’s much easier to stay motivated during the Open (and with CrossFit) if you are actually committed to tracking your progress.


If you’ve been doing CrossFit for a year or more, all it takes is a little competition to really bring out the best in you. It’s easy to lose intensity in your workouts if you are never pushed past what you think you can do.

It can also be a harsh reality check if you’ve been coasting in class this past year or not really sticking to standards for the sake of speed. All those times you wrote Rx’d next to your name on the whiteboard, maybe it wasn’t the case. Perhaps your takeaway will be that you need to count your reps properly, work towards virtuosity in your movements, or at the very least, achieve full range of motion on your reps!

If you have been interested in doing a local competition, then participating in the Open is absolutely your best opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be judged and compete in a CrossFit event. While you may not make it to regionals, the excitement of doing the same workout as Games athletes is a really fun element to add to your weekly fitness routine. (I also dare you to not get addicted to Leaderboarding with fellow gym members.)

Finally, consider that the Open is simply a snapshot of your fitness at one point in time. Maybe you are rehabbing an injury, just coming back to the gym after a layoff. The easiest thing is to make an excuse and not participate. The Open can be the catalyst to get you back on track at the gym.


WOD: #1

With a partner, each completes: 21-15-9 reps for time:

Shoulder to Overhead (145lbs/100lbs)

Burpee Box Jump Over (24"/20")

*Partner 1 completes the workout and then partner 2 goes.

WOD: #2


With a partner, complete 3 rounds for time each:

7 Muscle-ups

21 Overhead Squats (100lbs/70lbs)

50 Double Unders

*Partner 1 completes all 3 rounds, then partner 2 completes 3 rounds.