What will 19.3 bring? Matt thinks handstand push ups or muscle ups…

What will 19.3 bring? Matt thinks handstand push ups or muscle ups…

Good luck to coach Todd Hernandez and the EHS Girls Basketball team that qualified for the state finals that starts Thursday!

WOD: Every 2:00 for 32:00

0:00-2:00: 400m Run

2:00-4:00: 40 Russian kettlebell swings (53lbs/35lbs)

4:00-6:00: 450/375m Row

6:00-8:00: 20 Box step ups (24"/20") AND 15 V-ups

*If unable to run due to weather substitute 250 skipping rope for the 400m run.


This big guy is gettin STRONG!!!

This big guy is gettin STRONG!!!


Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets) do 3 Bench press

WOD: 8 Rounds

0:20 Handstand hold- back to wall

0:10 Rest

0:20 Kipping pull-ups

0:10 Rest

*Score is reps of pull-ups.

Intended Stimulus: This is an upper-body stamina dominant conditioning workout that combines a skilled movement with a relatively low-skill movement. Focus on quality of the handstand hold and max reps on the pull-ups. The workout is NOT prescribed if at anytime the athlete kicks down from the handstand during the 0:20 interval.


Jeff is our biggest kid! :)

Jeff is our biggest kid! :)

Speaking of kids…

CrossFit Kids classes are starting back up! Here are the details:

Ages: 3-6

Day: Every Thursday (starting March 7th)

Time: 12:30-1:15pm

In CrossFit Kids, it is imperative to pair fitness and fun, thus crafting a lifelong love of health and fitness for our children. CrossFit Kids combines gymnastics, and body weight calisthenics to develop capacity across all essential physical skills, with additional focus on elements that encourage bone density and vestibular system development. Each class will include a skill, warm up, WOD and end with a game. Contact coach Brandie with any questions. Class size is limited so get your kids signed up! We look forward to having these awesome little ones show us how it’s done!

Skill: Power Cleans

WOD: 3 rounds of

5 Power cleans (185lbs/125lbs)

10 Bar-facing burpees

Immediately into 3 Rounds of:

25 Power cleans (95lbs/65lbs)

25 Burpees

*20:00 Time Cap


19.2 Sunday Crew!

19.2 Sunday Crew!

Get your plan in place for “Mobility March”. Since we’ll be pushing ourselves to the max this month with our competition wods, it is going to be important to take care of nagging issues before they become more serious. Each person is encouraged to write down 2-5 mobility/rehab/prehab exercises that they want to commit to doing before or after each workout for the month of March. Pick exercises that will benefit you and your issues. Here are a few ideas:

Back: GHD Back Extensions/Hip extensions, Reverse Hyper, supermans, banded goodmornings, foam roller

Shoulders: X-Symmetry, dumbbell shoulder exercises, lacrosse ball/wall massage, band stretches

Knees: mini bands series, squat therapy, IT band foam roller

Feet: lacrosse ball massage, calf and ankle stretches

Core: GHD sit ups, Russian twists, weighted sit ups, V-ups

This would also be a good time to work on muscle activation if you have a particular muscle that is not firing. It is important to take care of our bodies, we beat them up pretty good! Ask a coach if you need help with ideas that would be good for you.

Strength: BACK SQUAT

Every 4:00 for 12:00 (3 sets) do 5 Back squats

WOD: 10:00 AMRAP

100ft Double kettlebell front rack walk (53/35lbs)

20 Jumping lunges

10 Bottom half strict toes to bar

*Use dumbbells as needed.

Intended Stimulus: This is a lower body and trunk stamina focused workout. The load should be doable for 100ft unbroken on the kettlebell front rack walk. The jumping lunges will burn but should be completed at a relatively quick pace. Attempt to use zero momentum on the bottom half strict toes to bar....quality is the priority over the speed on this movement today.



In a team of 2,

AMRAP 12:00:

Partner 1:

75 Double unders

Partner 2:

75 Double unders

Partner 1: 50ft Carry

Partner 2: 50ft Carry

Partner 1:

0:30 Ring plank hold

Partner 2:

0:30 Ring plank hold

*If needed change to 3 Rounds NFT for use of equipment.


This works the trunk and shoulders statically in 2 different movements and utilized in the double unders to elevate the heart rate. The carries should be doable unbroken initially and athletes may potentially need to take quick breaks as the workout progresses.