John Cook (Owner/Coach)

My CrossFit journey began with the desire to try something different from the “Bi’s and Tri’s”, “legs and back” days at my local “globo gym”. I found myself in a community that was fun and CrossFit quickly became one of my most looked-forward-to hours of the day. Who would have thought throwing bars and tires and hanging from rings and ropes could be so fun! I was breaking goals I had been trying to reach for years out on my own. I have since gone through the CF level 1 course and enjoy sharing my excitement with anyone and everyone!!

As a professional firefighter in the Denver area, CrossFit has taught me how to be physically safer and more efficient at my job and my everyday life. I love enjoying the outdoors and everything it has to offer, but I especially love donuts!

CrossFit Level 1

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CrossFit Scaling Course

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