Brandie Mahaffey (Coach)


I started my CrossFit journey in 2013, following many months of trying to talk myself into making a positive change in my fitness.  I knew what CrossFit was, and knew a few people who did CrossFit but as a mother of two and at 29 I thought I was too old and too far out of shape to start.  I am and have been a stay at home mom since our son was born in 2009 and absolutely LOVE being mom to our two awesome kids but was stuck in mom mode 24/7.  I had put myself on the back burner and forgotten how to take time for myself, I wasn't over weight or super unhealthy but just out of shape.  By chance, I met a lady through a mutual friend who was a CrossFit athlete and had a conversation with her about the ins and outs of how it worked and what I could expect from CrossFit, that conversation was all I needed to hear and I was ready! I contacted the gym my friend attended after the weekend and I was on my way to a new me! There were several times in the first few months where I questioned what the heck I was doing and what I had gotten myself into but I knew I never wanted to stop doing it! ;)   

I have always had a sports and fitness back ground. Growing up I was year round athlete and a 3 sport athlete all through high school.  After high school I stayed active in the gym but never really fell into a groove that made me feel like I was getting the most out of it.  At 25 my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world and added a second 3 years later.  After I had the kids I fell into a groove that I always told myself I wouldn't, I felt stuck and was disappointed for letting myself go.  The moment I walked into my first CrossFit class, I felt like I was home, like I had finally found something I could get in to!  I love showing up and having the workout planned out for me instead of walking into a normal gym and just going for whatever is open.  The community and family element you get at a CrossFit gym is like nothing else out there and has truly changed my life and that of my family for the better.

I love working with kids and have always felt it is important to start kids young to form positive habits. The most rewarding part for me as a CrossFit Kids coach is to see the look of accomplishment on the faces of these young athletes after they've done something they never thought they could!  With all the distractions out there for our kids these days it is more important than ever to get them up and moving and I am thrilled that I get to be part of such an amazing program.  It is so important for our youth to have a positive and encouraging environment where they can learn to become, and stay fit for a lifetime.  My goal is to make each and every kid that walks through the doors feel like they are leaving the class a better version of themselves than when they showed up! In the past few years of coaching kids, I feel like I have learned just as much from them as they have from me. Coaching has been such a rewarding experience for me and I LOVE doing it! I am super excited to not only be coaching kids but also jumping in to coach normal classes every now and then. My goal is always to be the very best coach I can, I want athletes to feel comfortable and confident in every movement they are asked to do. CrossFit is all about functional movement and my goal is to help athletes preform these movements in the safest way possible! I am a big believer in GPP (general physical preparedness) and am excited to have the opportunity to help others be physically prepared for whatever life has to throw at them!


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