Great job everybody after a rough few weeks. Pay attention to your bodies and what they are telling you they need! Remember to keep drinking lots of WATER!! Rule of thumb for water is at least half your body weight in oz's a day or shoot for 100oz!! 

Skill: Toes to Bar


3 Rounds for time of:
50ft Single Arm Suitcase Lunge, right
50ft Single Arm Suitcase Lunge, left
15 Single Arm Push Press, right
15 Single Arm Push Press, left
15 Toes to Bar
400m Run

*Use a 50lbs/35lbs dumbbells or 53lbs/35lbs kettlebells for the weighted work

Today's workout has a large unilateral demand on the lower and upper body. Faster athletes will finish in under 15 minutes and others should not exceed 20 minutes. 


Skill: Power Snatch


EMOM 28 minutes
Minute 1: 5 Power Snatch (135lbs/95lbs)
Minute 2: 0:30 Handstand Hold Facing Wall
Minute 3: 20/15 Cal Row or Bike
Minute 4: Rest

*Athletes can start at any movement to best make use of possible equipment limitations of the rowers. 

The load on the power snatch should allow for consistent singles to be done and take no longer than 45-50 seconds. The 30 seconds of handstand holding should be done in no more than 2 sets each time. The row is a challenging pace to achieve. Attempt to finish in under 55 seconds so athletes can rotate efficiently.


Skill: Back Squat 

WOD #1: 

3 Rounds
12 Back Squats (185lbs/135lbs) 
15 Burpees

*Bar starts from the floor

This workout should take less than 12 minutes to complete. The load on the back squat should challenge the athlete to complete all 3 rounds unbroken. 

WOD #2:

Keep the clock running from part 1 and take until the 22:00 mark to build to a heavy 3 rep Back Squat
*Use a rack

The goal is to challenge the athlete with lifting heavy loads under a state of fatigue and without a lot of volume being accumulated.