Mental Toughness...

Congratulations to Scott Hartley of Nunn for winning the 2009 USA Masters Indoor Track and Field Championship in the mile and 800 meter. Scott is 46 and ran a 2 minute 800 and 4.31 mile. CrossFit has helped Scott stay healthy and strong so he can train hard and win.


Scott has an insane ability to dig deep during workouts. We did "Murph" one day, in which you run a mile, do 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 sqauts and finish with another mile, all with a twenty pound vest. Scott completed this task in 27 minutes. This required Scott to dig deep and work hard, ignoring all mental calls for stopping or slowing down. So I am not surprised at his victory in our nations capitol this week as Scott approaches each and every workout with the same ferocity and mental toughness.


Work Out of the Day: from


150 wall ball

for time.