Mind over muscle...

From Motor City CrossFit:

When you are doing a tough MetCon WOD, who runs the show, your body or your brain? For example, you are halfway through your squats on the 18th round of Cindy and your legs are SCREAMING to your brain that they need a rest. Does your brain obey the commands of the legs? Or does your brain yell back, “SHUT THE @#*%-UP LEGS! I AM IN CHARGE HERE! I will tell YOU when you need a break, NOT the other way around!”

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James: "Conrad is that all were doing today?"

Conrad: "Yes, James."



Conrad: "James, do you want another round?"

James: silence…


Back Squat 5x5x5x5x5

James, Scott 195

Robert 135

Becca 105





Row 1000M

50 thrusters

30 pull-ups


Scott 7:48

Becca 7:43 (15/jumping pull-ups)

James 12:00

Robert 12:04 (30)

Konnie 12:05 (15)

Kolten 11:00