Run, Scott, Run...

First, another shout out to Scott Hartley of Nunn for winning the US Track and Field outdoor nationals in both the 800 meters and 1500 meters. Nice job Scott.

Tina and Becca tearing into the WOD with their usual grit and determination.

WOD: "12 days of Dumbells " (I got this from CrossFit St. Louis)

The WOD is done just like the song is song, but with dumbells...

12 Days of Dumbbells

1 DB ManMaker

2 DB Thruster

3 DB High Pulls

4 DB Goblet Squats

5 DB Single Arm Swings

6 DB Front Squats

7 DB Cleans

8 DB Deadlifts

9 DB Snatches

10 DB Low-Carry Lunges

11 DB Push Presses

12 DB Step-Ups