I was signing my son's agenda for school the other day and noticed at the top of the page the word "Determination".  "Awesome", I thought to myself.  It was a small corner of the page, but the weight that corner carried that morning was immense.  It defined the word, than said, (paraphrasing) "The will to do something is so much more important than any skill or talent".  Beautiful.  Determination is "Firmness of Purpose".  (See video below).   Know what you want to do and do it with all of your heart, mind and soul.  Learn to struggle, to fight, to be tenacious, and apply this to every area of your life.  You're far more capable than yout think you are.  Believe it!! 

Thank you Randy, Christina and Hillary for taking care of our kids while they're at school.  Thank you for not just talking the talk, but also for crushing yourselves daily in here so that you can be such good role models for our kids at school!

Todays Workout

Warm up with:

500 M Row, SOTS Press, Push ups, GHD Sit Ups, Back Extensions


Shoulder Press 5x3


4x500m Row (Rest 3-5 minutes between efforts) 

*Last Round of Today's WOD (5:15am class)