Practice Perfect

We harp on fundemental all the time, always pushing you to perform movements correctly and we work flexibilty that will allow us to obtain a postion correctly.  Here is an excerpt of an essay from  CrossFit Charlottesville.

It’s never fun to hear us counting back reps or a critique of your lift, but I wanted to write about why we do it. It’s easy to get lost in the proverbial forest of numbers and want to post RX or hit a new PR on a lift, but I’m seeing too much trending towards quantity over quality.  It’s easy to revel in short term gains and ignore our weaknesses, but we’re not training for tomorrow, we’re training for the long term.  Good form matters because without it we harm ourselves, we limit our potential and we aren’t seeking true improvement.

I’ve seen hundreds of athletes come through our doors and even more compete at various events.  There is an obvious difference between people who hold technique and form as the pinnacle of their training.  Grit and intensity decide competitions, but you can move a load much more quickly if you do it efficiently.  

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 WU with: 
Skill Transition Drills 
Snatch 12x2@50%