Oly Cert...check

Christina, Kevin and I had a great weekend at CrossFit Highlands Ranch.  We had some great coaches, Erin Karshner, Fred Lowe,and Debbie Hudson,  teaching us the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch.  We are now packed with more knowledge (yup there is still some room up there) to pass on to you!  Don't forget we have an Oly class Saturday morning 10/9 at 8:30 am.  This is going to be alot fun.... 

CFE trainers with our super coach Erin Karshner.  Do I always have crazy eyes?  Kevin's 3rd eye is new.


Good Morning Squats
Sots Press  
Back ext    
Ring Dip    
Walking Lunge w/twist
5x3  1⅟4 squat (~60%)
2 rounds    
3 min AMRAP (95/65)
3 hang power clean  
3 front squat  
3 push jerk  
rest 2 min  
3 min AMRAP  
3 snatch balance  
3 hang power snatch
3 overhead squat  
rest 2 min