Congrats CrossFit Eaton members!  The results from Saturday's weigh-in totaled over 70 pounds of weight lost between all of us!  The hard work is paying off.  I encourage you all to not put too much emphasis on the number on the scale, but how you your clothes fit...dropping a jean size (Hilary!)...getting stronger, faster, recovering quicker, these are all better definitions of your health! It's exciting to see our members making such great strides and we're proud of you. 

The Hero WODS were very meaningful for me and I wanted to share this with you guys after our workout, but I took too long in getting back from my 5K!  As I was running, I was thinking of the sergeant that my WOD was named after "Severin Summers".  I was thinking of his wife and 3 daughters left behind.  I was praying for them all and thinking that I would like to write the family.  I would like to tell his wife and daughters how much I appreciate their husband/dad, and how greatful I am for their service and sacrifice.  I want to tell them how in a small but meaningful way, that his legacy will live on in Eaton, CO and our humble, little CrossFit Eaton Gym.  If you had a similar experience, I encourage you to write the family of your soldier/officer/firefighter and let them know you appreciate their service.

Here are the results of the Hero WODs.  Well done you guys.  I think we did them proud.



11/15 WOD

WU: 4 rounds "Cindy", 1 min. L-sit

WOD: 75 hang split snatch (75,55)