Your thoughts...

Thoughts can limit your potential or redefine it.  Here is what Catherine said:

"I wrote most of this post after my Crossfit Totals last week, but I got slammed with the stomach flu and got behind on pretty much everything across the board. Even though Crossfit Totals are over for the time being, the mental game is always relevant.

Crossfit Totals: We do this every 3 months with the hopes of reaching personal records and noting our fitness & strength gains. We get three shots, hopefully lifting to the point of failure to determine our true maximum. 3 moves: The Backsquat, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift. My last deadlift max was 195lbs and after all my hard work, it was time to join the 200 club.

But for some reason I went to bed saying to myself, "I know that I am only going to lift 195lbs." Even though I knew I was strong enough to lift 200lbs, I still felt myself making the decision that I wasn't going past 195 on that Wednesday morning. Tossing in my bed...feeling pissed that I was settling...where was my CAN DO attitude?... why am I making a decision for 195lbs when I could just as easily make the decision to lift 200?..."  Continue reading here


Ryan and Maya... cheering everybody on.

 Tina with a new 1RM deadlift... 220.