4pm Team Workout: 1500m Row/5 KB Swings, AMRAP 5 Heavy Deads, 5 Knees to Elbows

Teams of 2 to 3.  Person 1 rows, while the other two AMRAP swings, deads and toes to bar.  As soon as P1 is done on the rower, P2rows (P1 and P3 AMRAP).  As soon as P2 is done rowing, P3 rows (P1 and P2 AMRAP) and so on.  As soon as P3 is done rowing, team is done.  Teams of 2 AMPRAP for 6 minutes in the final round.  Score is total reps minus one second for every second over 6 minutes, plus 1 for every second under 6 minutes rowed (per individual). 

Team 1 (492)

C (1pood, 155dl, toes to bar)-Total Score:194

Jordan (30lb, 115) 141

Casey (20lb, 95) 157

Team 2 (429)

Tina (1 pood, 155) 139

Jeremy (1 pood, 115) 160

Brock (1 pood, 115) 130

Team 3 (Some where around 1,000,120 or 300ish -lost count)

Conrad (2 pood, 245-225, toes to bar) 1 million

Becca (1 pood, 145) 120


Kevin (2 pood, 315, toes to bar) 139


Team one dominates.  Great work ladies- I'm proud of my team! -C