Congratulations On-Rampers!!  Six weeks down.  Time to evaluate.  Are you stronger, leaner?  Have you done things over the last six weeks that you haven't done since highschool, boot camp, ever?  Yeah, Id say all of you have!  We're proud of you. Welcome to the Crossfit Lifestyle.  -Crossfitters...

Reminder-The 5:15 PM class will now be a W.O.D. class so all of our CrossFit Eaton members are open to take the 5:15 AM, 4:00 PM, or 5:15 PM classes depending on what works best for your schedule.  Please let one of the trainers know if you plan on switching times.

We're going to start another On-Ramp Class, so if you feel like Crossfit has benefited you, tell your friends and family!  We'd love to get them in here.