GPP-General Physical Preparedness


7 Rounds:

10 toes to bar

5 Dead lifts

10 Wall Ball

Hillary 8:38

Ben 12:44

Bryce 8:18



Blake 9:05

Kevin 9:00

Christina 14:06

Scott 10:20


Tina 14:06



*5:15amers and those I didn't post-I'll get you tomorrow-Sorry...

Yesterday, I was explaining some of the benefits of Crossfit to our newest member, Chrstian Griffith, who by the way crushed yesterday’s WOD to the tune of 3 minutes faster than anybody else.  I was trying to articulate the importance of General Physical Preparedness and how as it directly relates to him as a college level wrestler.  Here’s the idea:

Let’s take five people that are excellent at whatever it they do.  We’ll take an endurance athlete, a power lifter, a sprinter, a football player and a crossfitter.  Now, lets give them 5 tasks; Fran (21-15-9 Thrusters/Pullups), a 5k run, 1 rep max dead lift, Cindy (20min amrap 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats) and Nancy (5 rounds of 20 OHS/800 meters).  The endurance athlete may crush the 5k, but might be questionable with the others.  The power lifter would crush the 1 rep dead lift, but the others might crush him.  The sprinter would probably do pretty well with the 5k and Nancy, not so good with the others.  The football player might do great with Cindy and the dead lift, but the others may prove to be too much.  Lastly, lets look at the crossfitter.  He might not dead lift more than the power lifter or run the 5k as fast as the endurance athlete, but my bet is the trained crossfitter would be top two in all of taks.  Now, I’m generalizing here.  Obviously there are exceptions out there or “freaks of nature” as I like to call them, but in general, if you give those same five athletes a snow shovel and five large drive ways to shovel, my money is on the crossfitter.  Throw another crossfitter in the mix and watch out! Snows a fly’n! Better have some standards...

The reason crossfitters are pretty darn good at most things, but not amazing at any one thing is because we train that way.  Our training is based around the ten general physical skills:

  1. Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance
  2. Stamina
  3. Strength
  4. Flexibility
  5. Power
  6. Speed
  7. Coordination
  8. Agility
  9. Balance
  10. Accuracy

The cool thing is, the bar is always being set higher.  When I said that crossfitters are pretty good at everything but aren’t amazing at any one thing, that statement is becoming increasingly dynamic.  “Pretty good” and “amazing” are creeping closer and closer together.

 Tomorrow’s post will cover the first skill, Cardio/Respiratory Endurance in more detail. 


 Athlete Campers crush'n the warm ups...

 Now that's focus.  Nice work Jordan!