Birthday WODs!

Happy Birthday Tina and Scott! Enjoyed the Birthday WODs!

7/14/10 "Stone Cold T"  7 rounds

10 Virtual Shoveling Right

10 Virtual Shoveling Left

13 Knees to Elbows

Burpies, 2xRound #

Britton: 17:49, 25lbs, 6 rounds

Janna: 18:25, 30lbs

Karen: 17:08, 40lbs

Rudolfo: 15:56, 70lbs

Matt: 17:10, 70lbs (subbed sit-ups)

Cheyenne: 17:12, 30lbs

Birthday Girl (Tina): 17:27, 75lbs

Jordan: 17:52, 70lbs

Christian: 10:51, 90lbs

Hillary: 13:45, 40lbs


Brock: 15:28, 90lbs

Becca:14:43, 60lbs

Christina: 14:23, 75lbs

Bruce: 16:03, 60lbs

David: 16:05, 90lbs


7/15/10 Scott's Birthday WOD

10 rounds

10 wall squats, 10 push ups, 10 box jumps, 10 pull ups, 10 sit ups

Birthday Boy (Scott): 16:42

Becca: 23:10

Tina: 24:50

Bruce: 29:25 (almost puked!!! yessss!!!)

Jordan: 29:05

Ziggy: 15:20 (4 rounds)

Christian: 14:37

Bryce: 18:35

Britton: 19:30 (4 rounds)

Christina: 23:09

Hillary: 24:24


POWER-The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.

In other words, move as big of load as possible, as far as possible, as fast as possible.  This can be expressed or tested in a number of different ways.  Take someone's deadlift for example.  It takes a significant amount of "power" to lift 500 pounds off of the floor for a 1RM (max load in one explosive movement).   Another way "power" can be expressed is by the equation, Force (or load) X Distance/ Time.  This is tested by a multitude of WODS, but FRAN is a great bench mark.  21-15-9 Thrusters and pull ups.  The athlete front squats the weight, then fully locks out over head for a total of 45 reps (21-15-9).  The athlete lifts his or her own body weight to the pull up bar for a total of 45 reps.  All of this done as quickly as possible.  The heavier the load, the greater distance traveled and the faster it's done all dictate the amount of "power" generated.

Another good week everyone!  Rest and eat well.  We'll see you Monday!