Gotta Love Speed!

Speed is the ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.   Same movements, just faster!  Often times you'll see people sacrifice form for speed, but I would caution against this.  Not only is it dangerous, but you're robbing your body of full range of motion.  It likes full range of motion.  It needs full range of motion!  That said, competition drives us to effiency, sometimes to a fault.  That's why there are standards to keep us safe and healthy.



Short loop

7 Rounds of:

5 Hand Stand Push Ups

7 Cleans (50% of 1rm)

9 Box Jumps

Long Loop


Rudolfo 16:27

Scott 14:17 (115)

Tina 15:11 (65)

Becca 15:29

Matt 18:31

Bruce 17:40

Janna 16:47

Britton 13:47 (35) 4 rounds

Christina 15:30 (75)

Bryce 15:31

Hillary 14:55

Randy 15:06 (65)

Blake 15:05 (35)