Why do you go to your gym

  "A day wasted on others is not wasted on oneself." -Charles Dickens


I don't know exactly what motivates you go to your gym.  Most people are motivated to change their appearance, stay fit, get healthy or  perform better in some sport specific capacity.  Some people just love the endorphins created to help dull the pain induced by physical exertion.  I think the people who show up for the first time at CrossFit Eaton have these same motivations.  These motivations inevitably change overtime for our athletes because we have developed a community.  A fit community, a growing community.  Our athletes motivation almost always evolves from self to community.  People begin showing up not only for their own fitness but to motivate and encourage others.  Each individuals presence is a gift to the others and ones absence is always missed.  My clients tell me when they are going to miss a class.  Not because I necessarily need to know but because everyone will always ask... "where is Tina today?" and if I don't know,  we worry a little and that person can expect a call.  This type of motivation can not be experienced at other gyms.  This is a unique experience.  Tomorrow some ramblings on flexibility.



5 rounds for time:

run 400 meters (short lap)

15 Overhead Squats

Times poseted tomorrow...