The "F" word

Yea, I said it... the "F" word (as Dr. Rhett Polka calls it).  Flexibility.  Flexibility is defined as the ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint.  This definition is a little shallow, though.  What one wants and what we try and develop is strength and stability throughout a joints range of motion.  Pure flexibility is just joint instablity and leads to many injuries.  We want to reduce injury not increase the chance of you being injured.  How do we do this?  First an active warm-up, which includes moving joints dynamically throughout the joints range of motion.  Next we help create awarness of the end range of motions for our movements, slowly increasing the range over time.  This is when you here cues from the coaches about driving lower in the squat or getting your chest to the floor in a push-up.  This allows you to develop strength, stability and mobility around a joint.  Post workout we stretch, sometimes and sometimes we do an active cool down.  What does this get you in the long run?  Decreased joint pain, increased strength, decreased potential for injury.... and much more.


Fran... revisted 

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