Death by Hills and KB Swings

I listened to a friend of mine, whom I respect very much,  speak this weekend.  He made the statement that, "You have to purpose to be strong!"  This couldn't be more true.  Are you getting through each workout, or are you attacking it?  It's a mind set.  If you're just getting through it, you'll still benefit, but trust me on this one, if you'll come in here ready to take on the world, you'll be empowered!  "Purpose to be strong", both mentally and physically and you will be...

Today's workout:


7x1 Back Squat for 1RM


"Death by Hills and KB Swings"

Work every minute on the minute-1 Hill, 1 KB swing, 2 hills, 2 kb swings, 3 and 3, etc....  (2 pood/1.5 pood)

Cade and Rudolfo crushing the Clean/Pull Up Couplet