Many of  you grew up playing sports or are currently playing sports in a competitive environment.  Often, you have to face the same opponent two or more times during the season.  The winner in the first contest usually dictates how you feel going into the second.  Did you win or lose?  How did you perform?  If you won, were are you nervous going into the rematch?  If you lost, are you hungry for another chance.  (If I'd only....)  Either way, you can use your mind to your advantage, or could let it beat you down.  Be mentally dominate!  Leave it out there.  No regrets...



3x5 Cleans @ 75%1RM



*Use the same exact weight you used last week


*RIDCULOUS you guys! 

Bruce (65) 1:58

Scott 3:04

Christina 3:55

Ben 5:11

Kevin 1:26

Brandon 1:55

Pat 2:31  Welcome to CF bro!! 

Bryce 1:51

Hilary (65) 2:20

Konnie (85) 3:50

Richie (65) 2:15

Katie 4:07