Milk-Does a Crossfitter good?


Lately, there's been plenty of discussion regarding what to eat or drink post workout.   A lot of folks like recovery shakes, which typically include some amount of carbs and protein.  Some like meat and yams, others eggs and fruit.  The biggest thing to remember is a combination of fast acting carbs and a significant amount of protein immediately after an intense workout.  The nice thing is, immediately after a workout, your body's insulin response isn't as significant as it normally is. 

Some of us like milk post workout.  It has protein, simple carbs and natural growth factor.  In one study, women that drank milk post workout gained more muscle and lost more fat than those that drank recovery shakes.   You can read about that study and other info in today's Coloradoan, linked below.

And remember, if Michael Phelps does it, it must be good!!



5 rounds of max rep Bench Press and Pull Ups

*For every rep under 100, do that many double unders and sit ups