CrossFit makes you taller?

Becca turned 57 yesterday and she has been CrossFitting for about three years.  She is leaner, meaner and way fitter than she was at 45.  She is also 1/2 inch taller.  This is a real adaptation to the work we do in CrossFit.  Primarily due to physical changes in her upper back, thoracic bone alignment brought about primarily by changes in flexibility of surrounding ligaments and muscles.  Many women and men experience decreases in height due the upper part of the back rounding (increased thoracic kyphosis).  This may be from, years of less than ideal posture or working at a computer several hours a day.  Eitherway, lifting heavy stuff off the ground and putting it overhead can litterally make one taller.

run technique
run short loop
Jerk progression
(dip drive jump land arms at side
dip drive jump land arms in rack position
dip drive jump land arms press)
5x3 Snatch Deads @ 110% snatch
for time 
Row 1000M
50 Thruster (45lb)
30 Pull-ups