Back to our regularly scheduled program...

Thanks to everyone for their efforts at yesterdays FGB!  Our affiliate raised around $1300 dollars for Wounded Warrior project, LiveSTRONG and The CrossFit Foundation.  On the organizational side, I learned alot and look forward to running this event again next year. 

Thanks for the video Britton!

WU 2x10 each      
Back Ext        
Good Morning Squats    
Push up or ring dips      
12x2 Dynamic Effort Front Squat (50% 1rm)
For Time:        
30 Stick Jumps (24/20 inch)    
30 Push ups      
25 Stick jumps      
25 Push ups      
20 Stick Jumps      
20 Push-ups      
15 Stick Jumps      
15 Push-ups      
10 Stick Jumps      
10 Push-ups