What does it cost?

Many times this is the first question I get from perspective clients.  How much do you charge?  It's an easy answer and it's not cheap.  I would like to answer by saying,  CrossFit and the nutrtion advice we espouse will save you alot of money and reward you in ways that are priceless.  How much do you pay for your insulin shots, cholesterol medicine, blood pressure pills, anti-depressants, cold medicine, ibuprofen, heartburn medicine?  How much would you pay for extra energy to play with your children?  How much would  you pay for extra years to enjoy your grandchildren or live independent throughout your old age?  Yes, our brand of fitness is expensive but the alternative costs are much greater. 

Bruce and Brenda at this years Battle Ready Open.  Bruce is eyeing the competition, getting ready to kick ass at next years games.... Go Bruce!