Fish Oils-Get some!

We’re ramping up for our challenge and the topic of fish oils has been a mainstay in our conversations in the gym.  As with other any othre nutrient we put into our bodies, the best source of that nutrient is going to come from food (a can of sardines, for example, contains 2.5grams EPA/DHA).  If you eat a lot of fish, you’re really helping yourself here, but most of us don’t, so it’s necessary to supplement with a fish oil product. It comes in liquid or capsule form.  Most of you are already taking it, so for you, this may just be a reminder.  For those of you who haven’t gone out to get your fish oils yet, this is definitely information you might want.

Numerous studies have proven that fish oils help prevent heart disease, promote weight loss, increase circulation, increase immunity, decrease inflammation (big one), help with arthritis, help with behavioral disorders like ADHD, help with depression and anxiety, skin, diabetes, ulcers, etc….  The list goes on and on.

Here is a little more information from regarding fish oils and heart health:


According to the American Heart Association (AHA), clinical trials have proved that omega 3 is effective in reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Fish oil, which is abundant in omega 3, therefore, reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart arrhythmias. It lowers the levels of LDL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol, and increases the HDL levels, which is good cholesterol. Fish oil prevents accumulation of triglycerides and further reduces the levels of excess triglycerides. Preliminary research has also shown that fish oil can be used for preventing atherosclerosis in coronary patients. Thus fish oil is effective in treating heart strokes and regular usage of fish oil can help avoid numerous sudden cardiac deaths. According to the American Heart Association, these preliminary findings should be confirmed by detailed research.

More to follow on fish oil, but this should give you a start.



1x10 OHS (bar)

2x7 Pressing Snatch Balance (add 5-10lbs)

3x5 Heaving Snatch Balance (add 5-10 lbs)

5x3 Snatch Balance (add 5-10lbs)



3 rounds for reps

1 minute jump to target 12 inches above reach

1 minute jumping ring dips

1 minute jumping pull ups

Rest 3 minutes