Why Squat?


Why do we squat?  I could tell we squat so the we can search burning buildings, drag victims from vehicles, ski big, arrest criminals and take cover from shots fired, but many of you would say, "Ah hah!! I don't do any of those things.  I don't need to squat!!"  I would say you're right, unless of course you do any of these other things.

Sit down, lay down, go to the bathroom, pick up anything you've dropped on the ground, pick up your child, change a tire, perform an athletic movement, etc...

I think you know where we're coming form on this.  Happy squatting.   

Louie Simmons says this about the Back Squat:

When you squat, think about pushing your feet out, not down. That will ensure that the hip muscles are working correctly. Push your knees out the entire time, starting from the moment you unrack the bar. You should feel this in the hips.

Next, start pushing the glutes to the rear as though you are searching for a chair that is too far behind you. Arch the lower back hard and keep the chest and head up. Lean a much as possible to keep the bar in your center of gravity.

To ensure correct bar placement, raise the chest and pull the shoulder blades together. This creates better leverages by placing the bar as far back as possible. However, if you carry the bar too low, it causes you to bend forward and destroys the leverages. The hands should be wide enough to avoid bicep tendonitis. Pull the elbows forward again by contracting the shoulder blades together.


Back Squat 3x5 @85%1RM


4 Rounds:

10 Pull ups (chest to bar)

10 Front Squats (155/115)

10 Shoot throughs


Trent Sigg displaying powerful hip extension...