What's on your mind?


Warm up with:

3-5 Minutes of jump rope

10 jump squats

10 push ups

10 pvc shoot throughs


5x3 Back Squat

WOD:  5 Rounds forTime

10 wall climbs

10 toes to bar

10 box jumps

We were doing the 3, 6, 9 WOD last week (cleans, push ups, box jumps) and I noticed that by the forth round, I was beginning to let my mind get ahead of me.  Instead of focusing on the movement that I was doing, I started to think about the next set of cleans.  I noticed that my box jumps started to slow down, almost involuntarily, as though my body was imposing some sort of governor.  (Nerdy, I know).  I caught myself and forced my mind to focus only on the box jumps.  Gradually I was able to get my mojo back, but my performance definitely suffered.

What do you think about?  Do you try not to think?  Over the next week or so, we're going to be interviewing some of our people to see what's on their mind when they're in the middle of a workout.

Dave's thinking, "I am ferocious.  Like a T Rex...."