Low Back Pain

So your lower back hurts even though you haven't done anything, huh?  It might hurt BECAUSE you haven't done anything!  According to ACE, there's a strong correlation between low back pain, excess body weight, smoking and decreased physical activity.  Get in the gym!  We've got all the physical activity you could ever want.  And smoking.  Smoking!?  What better motivation is there to quit smoking than not being able to breath?  Low back pain cure and smoking cessation, all in one!  Well, maybe not exactly, but trust me, we'll give you every opportunity!

 Mo's hands-My daugther worked out next to Mo today and after the WOD, she asked me, "How did Mo not say anything about her hands!?"  Mo- my daughter new pull up idol...



Shoulder Press 3x5 @ 75%


Snatch 10x2