90 Percent Rule

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and with it comes a whole lotta good eat'n.  Do yourself a favor though and keep plugging along with the good eating habits you've developed.  If you haven't developed those habits yet and you just need a reminder, here it is, short and sweet.  Eat lots of meat and veggies, some fruits, little starches, nuts, seeds and other good fats.  Sayno to crack (sugar) and limit your alcohol consumption.   If you can eat like this 90 percent of the time, treat yourself the other 10 percent.  Whatever you want, just be reasonable.  Yes Briton, "reasonable" is subjective, so if you need an example, a large pizza would not be "reasonable".  Seriously, if you'd like to talk about how you're fueling, or not fueling your body, talk to one of your coaches.  We're happy to help you get things lined out!  More nutrition speak to follow...



Deadlift 3x5


1 Clean and Jerk on the minute, every minute for 20 minutes at 80% 1RM