The Time is Now

Yesterday, in church, our own Pastor David Alvarez was talking about procrastination and why we shouldn't wait to make that decision.  He was referrring to your spiritual health, but right now, let's talk about your physical health.  Don't wait until next month, or until after the Christmas party, or after you switch jobs, until the kids are done with sports, until after you've washed the car, etc....  If we allow it, there's always a reason to wait until something.  Make the decision and get in here now.  Clean up your diet.  Like so many things, it's difficult to make yourself take that step, but once it's taken, things are so much easier.  You'll feel so much better!    As Pastor plainly put it, "The time is now".  Well said, Pastor...



Deadlift 5x3 for 3RM


3 Rounds:

10 Strict Pull Ups

10 Sumo Deads

10 Burpees