Why Sumos?

Deadlifting is one of the modst functional movements out there.  We perform all variations becasue each one hits us just a bit differently.  Today, we're doing sumos.  This means our hands grip the bar inside our stance, versus outside.  Feet are generally much wider than the hips.  Generally, the butt's going to be a little lower to start, chest up, shoulder blades together.  Think about spreading the floor with your feet as you lift the bar.  This variation of deadlift really works the hams and inner thighs, though it definitly builds strength in your quads, back, grip, traps, etc...


5x3 Sumo Deads for 3RM


1 Clean and Jerk a minute for 20 Minutes

*Pick a weight that is difficult.  A good place to start is the 85-90% range of your 1RM