Open the Hips!


Warm up with:  

Snatch Skill Work, then 3 rounds:

10 Chin ups

10 GHD Sit ups

10 Push ups


3 Rounds: (155/115)

7 Power Cleans

7 Jerks

7 Chest to Bar Pull ups

One of the the mistakes a lot of people make with the both the clean and snatch is not opening the hips to full extension.  I'm super guilty of this (but I'm working on it!!) and it's really is evident when the weight gets heavy.  Remember to get that bar back into your pockets and hit that full extension, especially in today's workout because we're power cleaning as opposed to squat cleaning.  It'll really save those arms for those chest to bar pull ups, which will really make a couple of inches seem like feet as you hit that last few reps of the last round.