3 really nice moves...


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  For those of you with significant others, have fun tonight.  For those of you withouthave fun anyway!!  In the mean time, we have a really special WOD for all you sweethearts...

Warm up with:


25 double unders 

25 sit ups

25 push ups

5 turkish get ups R/L


Front Squats 5x3 working up to 90%



Front Squats (135/95)

KB Swings (2 Pood/1 Pood)


*Stay in your heals on the front squats, elbows high and back extended.  Open your hips at the top on every rep.  Try and stay relaxed through the KB swings and remember to breath, big hips.  Steady through the burpees.  At some point it'll feel like you can't catch your breath, but just keep going.  You're ready for this one.  We did it at the firehouse on Sunday and it was awesome!  Have fun!!