Oh, that is cold....

Ice water baths are great for helping recovery and improving athletic performance.  You can do them at home if you have a bath tub, running water and some ice.  First, fill the tub with cool water.  Then get in the tub and acclimate to that temp for a minute.  After a minute add ice.  Adding the ice after getting in the tub makes it much easier to adjust to the cold.  Ideally, the water should be 50-55 degrees and you should spend about ten minutes at this temp.  Think of it as a CrossFit WOD... and give it a try.  Finish with a hot bath or hot shower.

Warm up with:
PVC Work
500m Row
25 Double Unders
10 Shoot Throughs
30 Second L-sit
Back Squat
5x3 working to 90%
"Chin up Fran"
25 Overhead Lunges (45/25)