Measuring Effectiveness

You can measue the effectiveness of an exercise program by any number of ways depending on your goals,  but what it really comes down to for most of us is have you increased your capacity for work.  Everyone you see in this picture has without a doubt increased their capacity for work.  Becca (purple pants/speedy pull), imparticular, is a prime example.  This summer, Becca competed at the Regional Crossfit Games as a Master.  One of the workouts was the immortal "Cindy", a 20min AMRAP of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 sit ups.  She used 1 band for her pull ups and was able to do 12 rounds, which is great.  On Monday, we did Cindy again.  Becca did 13 rounds and change, this time however, no bands!!  Awesome job Becca.  You continue to inspire us!!


Warm up with:

250m Row


Snatch Skill Work


Box Squats


"Bear" Complex 15 times for time.  Each time you set the bar down, do ten burpees