Games Open: Week 1 Down...

5 to go…  Wait, hold the phone!!  Games website says they’ve extended the deadline for submission to March 27.  They’ve had a number of issues they’ve had to work out, so to “be 100% sure that everyone gets to compete with fair terms” they’ve extended the deadline by a week.  They’re encouraging athletes who think they can better their score to try and do so.  As your coaches, we’ll talk about this and get with you individually.

That said, we’ve already had some inspiring performances from Crossfit Eaton competitors, Becca, Jeff, Hillary, Katie, Christian, Conrad, and Christina.  Becca, who’s competing in the masters division (55-59), got 4 rounds plus 4 double-unders, Jeff (Masters 50-55) got 4, Katie got 5. Christian broke a rope mid way through his filmed WOD, so he had to do it again and ended up with 4 rounds plus 12 double-unders.  Conrad got 5 plus 27 double-unders and Christina got 5 plus 28.

Christina’s story is one to remember.  We were in Santa Fe with her Troubador Choir, but before we left Eaton, we checked to see if there’s a crossfit gym there.  It just so happened there is.  The name of the gym if Undisputed Fitness and Crossfit Santa Fe.  Aside from being a sweet crossfit gym, they also have MMA and Jujitsu classes.  (Check them out if you’re in Santa Fe). The coaches were great and I think they were a little surprised when we pulled up in the short bus, decked out in choir dresses and suits, asking to do the Open WOD.  Christina didn’t disappoint and with her kids cheering her on, she ended up with a great score.  I on the other hand battled, but wound up on the losing side.  Open WOD 1, Kevin 0.  I’m not gonna lie.  I felt terrible after it was over.  That’s the beauty of Crossfit though.  You can’t dominate every WOD.  You're not supposed to dominate every WOD.  It’s that fighter in each one of us though that makes us want to pick ourselves back up, dust ourselves off, wipe the blood off our face and take another shot.  I can't wait...


Warm up with:

Run/Row 500m

25 Good Morning Squats

25 Sots Press

25 Ring Dips

25 Pull Ups


Deadlift 1RM for CFT


4 rounds for time:

7 Muscle Ups

225 Pound Deadlift, 15 reps

Walking Lunges, 30 Reps

 Bridgette and Angelo tear'n it up on the negatives