Very Proud

Yesterday, we did a 2.3 mile run.  I had a great time running with Michael "The Gazzelle" Cardona.  Check that, I had a great time running behind "The Gazzelle" and Conrad couldn't have picked a better day to program a run.  The best part, like normal, was after I finished running, but not for the normal reasons.  Not long after a few of us finished, here comes Bruce.  The same Bruce who hated running, refused to run around the block and would let us all know.  He wasa cruising too!  He hit the 100 meter mark and kicked in all the way to the door, middle fingers proudly announcing that this "little run" was no match for him.  Just behind Bruce was Dawn, moving faster than I'd ever seen her move.  Much faster!  She was sprinting to the finish and whereas before I may have seen survival in her face, I saw nothing but determination.  As she finished, she told me, "I wanted to catch Bruce!"    I was so proud and inspired at that moment.  We all have that fire, it's just that some of us either don't know how to find it, or when we do, we back down because when we go there, we're out there, raw, for everyone to see. It can be vulnerable feeling, but once we make that commitment and conquer that vulnerability, it's so empowering.  Great work everyone!!

The morning crew tearing it up...


Warm up


Deadlift 3x5 or 5x3


5 Rounds

10 med ball cleans

5 wall climbs