CrossFit BAs

Alright, Another great essay from Lisbeth.  But first,  Today will be Moriahs last WOD with us as she is stationed in South Carolina.  I am sure she will find a great gym there.  This essay definetly reminds me of her and she will be missed.  Also, a shout out to Jeff Lopez.  Jeff was of single minded focus on Sunday.  He started the week with a 1RM clean of 105 lbs.  He needed 165 to continue to compete in the Open.  We worked on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Jeff ramped up his intensity and polished his technique, he pulled an impressive 155 on Friday.  Sunday Jeff came in the gym, goal in mind.  Focused and ready.  He warmed up, 10 reps at 45lbs, 5 at 95lbs, 3 at 135, 1 at 155lbs.  Jeff approached 165 lbs, gripped the bar and adjusted his stance.  Squeezed the bar off the ground, the bar accelarated into mid thigh then exploded up, Jeff dove down.  Elbows rolled.... but too slow and Jeff lost it out the front.  Jeff took 30 seconds to regroup, repeated his first performance and drove his albows around the bar fast and furious.  Jeff had it, he rose slow out of the bottom and the job was complete.  Congrats Jeff!


CrossFit and Bad Girls:

CrossFit likes bad girls. Hell, CrossFit creates bad girls.

Pick the weight up. Throw the weight down. Swear out loud if you want to. Stand in a room with a bunch of half-naked hot bodies. Wear overpriced pants that make your ass look and feel fantastic. Sweat. Breathe heavy. Finish. Lay on the floor, exhausted, eyes closed, chest heaving. Get up and do it all again tomorrow.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: The barbell changes women. No properly coached CrossFit woman is immune to the lure — the Siren call — of the barbell.

Come here. I’ll take you places you always wanted to go. Put your hands on me. Feel what your power can do.

Read the rest here: CrossFit and Bad Girls




Junk Yard Dog


Muscle Up



Row 500m

7 deadlift (285/165)

7 burpees

Row 350

7 Dead/7 burpee

Row 200

7 Dead/ 7burpee