Don't knock it til you try it...

The 4 o'clock rock'n Nancy last Monday...

So the Games WOD 11.4 came out last night at about 6:00pm.  I was coaching soccer practice and Christina was at Jocelyn's volleyball, so we weren't able to get right on to see what it was.  As I was finishing up with practice, I got a call from CrossFit Evolve (Fort Collins) owner Jon McKeon.  I work with both Jon and co-owner Gene Maccarini Fort Collins.  They run a first rate box and you couldn't find better people.  That said, when I saw it was Jon that was calling, I knew the WOD must have just come out.  I jumped on my "smart" phone real quick and sure enough it was there.  10 minute AMRAP of 60 barbell facing burpees, 30 OHS (120/90) and 10 muscle ups.  "OK," I thought, "I love burpees, OHS and muscle ups..."  Almost right after that thought entered my little brain however, I thought, "Oh man.  The this one's a crusher."  Each movement by itself is pretty darn hard.  Burpees jack the heart rate, and tax the whole body; very little technique, though efficiency will be key. Overhead squats jack the heart rate and tax the whole body (didn't I just say that?), and 120 pounds is a curious load.  It's light enough that under normal circumstances, it can be repped out at a pretty good clip, but after 60 burpees, the mental challenge of keeping he bar locked out overhead is going to be formidable.  Breathing is gonna be really fun.  Ah, then the muscle ups.  My first thought here was actually for Christina.  "She's gonna be pissed," I thought to myself.  She's been trying to get her first muscle up and though she's been really close, she hasn't quite got it.  (More on that later).  My next thought was, "I wonder how many people who normally have muscle ups are even gonna get one after all those burpees and OHS?"  I laughed to myself at the thought of the AMRAP with relation to rounds.  This one is gonna be fun.

I got home and told Christina what the WOD was and yes, she was not happy.  Muscle ups have been her nemesis since she began crossfitting two years ago.  They are the one thing that she's not able to do well and for a lady that does everything well, it kills her.  That said, she's on a serious mission now.  Much like Jeff last week with a 65 pound PR!! on his Clean to get a score for the WOD, she has a little extra motivation.  Burpees, OHS and yeah, at least one muscle up.  Let the fun begin...

Warm up with:



500m row



Muscle ups


Back Squat 

1, 10, 1, 20, 1, 30, 1, 20, 1, 10, 1