Why GHD Sit Ups?


An excerpt from The Crossfit Journal, October 2005:
Our experience with athletes and static hip flexion 
work like the L sit and more dynamic exercises like the 
GHD sit-up have led us to several conclusions:
1. The hip flexors’ purchase and strength suggest their 
importance to functional movement. One expert 
calculated that they are capable of generating 
many times the force that the abs can. To think 
that muscles with that much mechanical advantage 
should not be used to that advantage is ridiculous.
2.  Most modern athletes are hip flexion weak and it 
affects most performance.
3.  Weak hip flexors assure weak abs—especially 
weak lower abs—and no amount of crunches can 
compensate. (It seems that every gym has an abs class 
instructor who has a prominent lower abdominal 
pooch. Ask her to hold one knee up while standing 
on the other leg and to resist your pushing the knee 
downward with a couple of fingers. It’s easy to push 
the knee down, and it shouldn’t be).
4.  Without static contraction/stabilization exercises, 
the abs never learn to perform their most critical, 
functional, role—midline stabilization.


Warm up with:

50 Double Unders

Then 3 Rounds:

10 GHD Sit Ups

5 Turk Get Ups (R/L)



Pull Ups

Hand Stand Push Ups

KB Swings (2p/1.5p)