Unique Benefits

Crossfit is full of obvious benefits that you may or may not see with other workout programs, but two of the lesser known benefits of Crossfit that are unique to the box are the development of both a person's competitive drive and their sense or teamwork.  Some of us have never played sports and have had little exposure to anything competitive.  All of us can think back to a relationship we've had and wish that maybe we'd been a better team player.  Both of these attributes are hugely important to our success in life, so today we're giving you another opportunity to develop.

Warm up with:



Ladder Work


Team "Hammer"

5 Rounds of:

5 Power Cleans

10 Front Squat

20 Pull Ups

*Teams of 2.  As soon as the first person completes 1 round, the second person starts round 1.  Continue until all five rounds are completed for both team members.