Recon Ron and The Volume Trainers

This month we will be programming some volume training.  This will be similar to Potomac CrossFit and will be a good opportunity to work on some specific weaknesses.  These sessions will be 20 minutes.  The guidelines are that you pick two movements that you want to improve.  These can be pull-ups, push-ups, pistols, rope climbs, handstand push-ups, etc.  The movements can be weighted, unweighted or done eccentrically (i.e. as negatives).  Each rep will be done with perfect form.  A set number of reps will be prescribed to be completed each minute for twenty minutes.  Rep counts should not vary more than one to two for each minute.  We will start with a max rep set for the chosen movement to get a baseline to compare to at the end of the cycle.



Max Rep Baseline

Volume Training


For Time:

50 Burpees

Long Loop