Hectic Schedules


We all run into times in our lives where our schedules seem to get the better of us.  I was talking to Christina today and though we generally keep pretty busy, it's been especially hectic for her lately.  Good news is, summer is almost here.  Til then though, she's looking at end of year concerts for both the middle school and the high school, kids games, kids practices, karate tournaments, affiliate management and praise band leadership; not to mention wife and mom duties.  Leaves little time for working out.  Being that she qualified for regionals though and its been a few days, she knew she had to get in the gym, sometime before soccer practice and music boosters.  She went there thinking that she just needed to get it done, but once she got there, life slowed down for her.  For that one hour, she was able to forget about all the craziness.  It was good to see all the familiar, smiling faces;  good to hear all the good natured banter; and good to once again look to her left and right to see her friends pushing themselves right along side her.   You guys make this gym what it is.  Thank you for making this our place of refuge...

A reminder:

When you get to the gym, the warm up is posted on the board.   Go ahead and start it as soon as you can and try to be ready to hit strength, skill, volume work or WOD as a class by five after.  Most of you have been here a while, but if you're new, don't worry, we know who you are and will help you with the warm up.

Todays Strength:

Back Squat 5x5


5 Rounds:

6 Front Squats (145/105)

12 Box Jumps (24/20)


Congratulations to each and every person responsible for our recent success in Pakistan.  A special thanks to SEAL Team 6 and to the rest of our armed forces who day in, day out risk their lives and often lay them down for our safety.  You have our utmost respect and gratitude.  -CrossFit Eaton