You're not done til you're done....

When was the last time you finished a WOD and collapsed to the ground?  How about finished a WOD, then gone outside in hopes that you might get so lucky as to purge?  Dumb questions, I know.  Maybe a better question is when haven't you felt like collapsing or purging after you just got done crushing yourself??   I've been there, may a time and I know for me that when I get near the end of a workout, sometimes weakness tries to creep in there telling me that I should slow down.  It's almost like I set my own limit and when I get close to that limit, my mind tells me that I've given all I have. I'm almost out of gas and I have to fight so that I don't sputter into the gas station.  Thing is, my body has more left.  My heart has more left.  Our minds need tune-ups.

After you get done with your WOD, I would encourage you to not be done.  Make up your mind before hand that you're gonna do a little extra afterward.  Whether it's a few pull ups, push ups, double unders, a short loop, whatever.  Better yet, if you get done and someone else is still crushing themselves, bring 'em home!  Then, when they're finished, do your little bit extra together!



Shoulder Press 3x5 (Wendlers)


15min Amrap (95/65)

5 Thrusters


5 Push Press


25 Double Unders

* Complete the 15min AMRAP of the triplet, then do your 25 double unders

(I thought I'd provide the little bit extra this time...)