Remember much?

Health and longevity are important long term benefits of exercise and proper nutrition (not USDA proper) .  We all get immediate satisfaction from finishing a WOD, we see the benefits of the hard work today and we enjoy the fellowship of the gym.  Ultimately though, we come to live long and prosper.  So what if you are a physically fit 85 year old but you can’t remember what your grandkids names?  What are you doing for your mental health?  What should you be doing to improve your mental performance now and preventing future dementia or Alzheimer’s?  If you don’t have an answer that’s fine, I do.  You are doing it by showing up to the gym, hitting the WOD and eating well (not USDA well).  Studies are showing that exercise increases brain-derived neurtrophic factor (BDNF) and other growth hormones, stimulates neurogenesis (brain cell formation), and improves learning and mental performance.  Studies also show not only preventative effects of exercise for brain dysfunctions like Alzheimer’s but therapeutic improvement for those suffering.  There is also a large correlation between a child’s learning ability and exercise.  This is why cutting programs at school for recess, PE and sports is a really, really bad idea.  There is a ton of research out there and none of it is cited here.  If you want more info or sources or some quantification feel free to ask.


One caveat to this that our old friend cortisol, a.k.a. the stress hormone (see previous post: The 411 on Cortisol) can shut down up regulation of BDNF or counteract the effects of BDNF.  So, again chronic stress is bad, bad mojo.  Exercise and eat right  (not USDA right) for a healthy brain, but also sleep, rest, relax, meditate and have loads and loads of fun and laughter in your life!



WU for week
10 GHd sit-ups
10 Back ext
10 pull-ups
10 ring dips
10 OHS
Backsquat 3x5
12 Front squat (135/95)
12 Burpee