A big old hole...

We had a great time this last weekend at the Warrior Classic.  We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate you guys for coming out to support us.  Thank you Angelo, Tina, Mo, Bruce, Steph, Steph's dad, Tina, The Hatchel's, the Griffith's and the Contreras kids!  We definitley had the loudest cheering section and your encourgagement during the Wod's kept us going til the very end! 

The Warrior Wod's were tough, the weather hot, the competiton was blistering.  Perfect conditions for a little character building and build we did.  Christina took 5th and represented us well.  They ran men and women in every heat and one of my favorite moments was when her judge told her during the 1st WOD, "You're hanging right with these boys!  Keep kick'n their assess!"  It's makes a man proud having people talk to his wife like that!  I took 6th and while I would have liked to have done better, (Christina will tell you that no matter how well I do, I'm never really satisfied), I am happy with how I battled.  I loved hearing, "Back on the bar, Daddy!"  Talk about motivation...Then there's Christian.  He was in third place by four reps going into the 2nd WOD, so he was in the final heat.  He was right with the top 2 through the first round, but  Ryan Garcia from Crossfit Evolve in Fort Collins and Jason Kelly of Crossfit Broadway pulled ahead in the end.  It was an exciting finish.

Speaking of Crossfit Evolve, it's been really cool competing with those guys.  The owners, Jon McKeon and Gene Maccarini are really good friends of mine and we've grown close to their athletes over the last couple of competitions.  Ryan, Jon, Jeff, Kendra and Jenna crushed it.  It's clear where you want to be if you live in Fort Collins.  Thank you guys for your support and for kickn ass!  Especially you, Jon.  I'm proud of you, bro.

While I'm thrown out thank you's, Christian Griffith, thank you.  As your wrestling coach, I admired your heart and work ethic.  As a person, I respect you for the man you've become.  As a father, I am forever indebted to you for the impact you've had on my kids.  You've become such a big part of Crossfit Eaton.  We'll miss you around here, bro.  I can hardly think of a better way to send you back to school then by having you kick my ass at the Warrior.  Have fun at school and hurry home.  The kids are already talkn bout next summer!



Running Technique



3 Rounds:

400m Run

21KB Swings (1.5p/1p)

12 Pull Ups