So easy a Police Officer can do it?

*In honor of Ibrahim, one of our newest members, who as I understand it, attended the Police academy in Greeley.  Glad to have you, bro!

Ha!  Of course it is!  How would I know, you ask?  I used to be one and in all seriousness, when I was a policeman, I wished I would have known about crossfit.  I lifted alot, ran on the treadmill wearing my gear and competed in the police and fire games, but looking back, I know I would have been a better officer had I been crossfitting.   

In fact, police officers have been crossfiting since the beginning.  In 2001, Greg Glassman went to the Florida Police Corps to give a seminar on Crossfit.  It had already taken off some within the law enforcement community, but since then, it's really exploded.  Here's an excerpt from Israel Culture about the Israel Police's recent adoption of Crossfit:

Police academies' main fitness plan

CrossFit serves as the main fitness plan used by Israel's police academies and special police and army units, firefighters, martial art champions and thousands of professional athletes all over world. The method arrived in Israel last year, and for now has only one facility operating in Herzliya.

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Turkish Get Ups


12 minute AMRAP

12 Ring Rows

12 Burpees

12 Sit Ups