Number 16 in the World!

The 2011 CrossFit World Games were as inspiring as ever this year.  It started with the venue.  The Home Depot Center in Carson California is a huge, sprawling complex of athletic fields, tracks and arenas.  Reebok sponsored it this year and it was obvious they're serious about their investment. Each competitor received a gear bag full of cool garb.  The judges received nice shoes.  There were jumbo-trons everywhere.  There were a ton of vendors.  It was definitely proefessional.  

Obviously the athletes were the main attraction.  The WODs seemed to be well thought out and definitley tested the athlete's fitness across broad domains.  The most inspiring for me was the master's division though.  It's hard to put into words, but when you hear over and over, "Go grandma!", it's pretty amazing. 

Our own Becca Hartley represented herself, her family and CrossFit Eaton in a way that makes me feel honored to just be associated with her!  Becca Hartley, number 16 in the world, 55-59 Master's Division, 2011 Crossfit World Games. We're so proud of you Becca!   



Jump Rope



Wall Ball

KB Swings